Accelerating Ahead: Self-Driving Cars

The past week marked an important stage on the road to fully autonomous self-driving cars. Elon Musk, Tesla’s Chairman and C.E.O. announced a significant upgrade to ‘Autopilot’, the car manufacturers’ driver’s assist software. Previously, the radar simply acted as a supplement to its primary camera and image processing system. The software upgrade, Version 8.0, will make use of more advanced signal processing to create a picture of the world using the car’s onboard radar.  Continue reading “Accelerating Ahead: Self-Driving Cars”

Powerless Pension Providers: Low Yields, High Pressure

Many in society currently live under the assumption that even if they do not save much throughout their working years, they can rely on their pension pot during retirement. Recent developments however, have flagged up the struggles pension providers currently face.  Continue reading “Powerless Pension Providers: Low Yields, High Pressure”

Battle for Online Supremacy: Amazon vs. Walmart

Online shopping is a key secular trend that is expected to become increasingly important for all retailers. Last week marked an important stage in the battle for e-commerce market share with Walmart’s $3.3 billion acquisition of is a 2-year old start-up founded with the aim of taking on Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world and currently valued at around $360 billion.  Continue reading “Battle for Online Supremacy: Amazon vs. Walmart”

Do we need to talk about executive compensation?

It was recently reported that the bosses of Britain’s biggest companies took home £5.5 million in remuneration for 2015. This equates to a 10% increase in salary on the previous year. Stories about executive compensation have cropped up regularly in recent times and come under more intense scrutiny especially since the 2008 financial crisis.  Continue reading “Do we need to talk about executive compensation?”

Magic of Compounding: Grow Your Savings

In Lost Savings Habit we discussed the prospect of younger generations ditching savings as a result of record low interest rates. According to a recent survey, a quarter of UK households would have to rely on loans or ask family and friends for help when faced with an unexpected bill. Young people may not receive adequate education about one of the most important factors they are going to have to deal with during their lives: money.  Continue reading “Magic of Compounding: Grow Your Savings”

Seismic shift led by Google and Facebook

Last week marked an important moment for rankings of the top 5 largest U.S. companies by market capitalization. For the first time ever, the list now belongs exclusively to technology companies. At the summit is Apple with $561 billion in market capital. Completing the list is Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. Continue reading “Seismic shift led by Google and Facebook”

Je suis…qui? Mapping global terrorism

White supremacy. Islamic extremism. Christian fundamentalism. Racial hatred. These are some of the terms that come to mind in light of the high-profile terrorist attacks unfolding across the globe. Recent attacks in France and Germany suggest that violence is on the rise and media coverage is littered with new terror attacks every week. Continue reading “Je suis…qui? Mapping global terrorism”

Lost Savings Habit

In my last article, Negative Interest Rates: Who’s Interested?, I touched upon the potential negative impact the current interest rate environment can have with regards to asset bubbles and large debt burdens. However there is also scope to focus on the impact low interest rates can have on the average household. Continue reading “Lost Savings Habit”

Brexit: Impact on Scotland

Brexit continues to ask a number of important questions about where exactly the U.K. is heading, including the significant matter of Scotland’s position within the Union. Given Theresa May’s swift leadership victory and EU reluctance to drag out negotiations longer then necessary, the Scottish government may have some big decisions to make in the short to medium term. Continue reading “Brexit: Impact on Scotland”