Lost Savings Habit

In my last article, Negative Interest Rates: Who’s Interested?, I touched upon the potential negative impact the current interest rate environment can have with regards to asset bubbles and large debt burdens. However there is also scope to focus on the impact low interest rates can have on the average household. Continue reading “Lost Savings Habit”

Venezuela: Economic Crisis Continues

Venezuela, a country with a population of around 30 million people and one of the largest oil reserves in the world, has been experiencing an extremely difficult period of economic and political stresses. The economy, which shrank in 2014, has registered 10% contraction in GDP in 2015. These stresses show no sign of abating with rampant hyperinflation impacting food prices and causing food and other basic goods shortages across the country. For example, toilet paper and soap are in such short supply some hotels are asking guests to bring their own.
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Brexit: Impact on Ireland

The U.K. referendum on EU membership sent shockwaves across the globe on the morning of June 24, 2016. Brexit is set to have a significant impact on the economic and political stability of the U.K., Europe and the wider world. Investors immediately sought refuge in perceived “safe haven” assets, sending German 10 year bunds to a record low of minus 0.17 per cent. Almost all of Switzerland’s yield curve (excluding the 2064 maturity bonds) was pushed into negative territory. Continue reading “Brexit: Impact on Ireland”