Triumphant Trump Rally: Will it last?

The financial news media for months predicted a crash in the stock market if Donald Trump were to win the elections. As was confirmed in the early hours of November 9th, Donald Trump has been elected the next President of the United States of America yet the U.S. stock market is at fresh all-time highs. Continue reading “Triumphant Trump Rally: Will it last?”

Do we need to talk about executive compensation?

It was recently reported that the bosses of Britain’s biggest companies took home £5.5 million in remuneration for 2015. This equates to a 10% increase in salary on the previous year. Stories about executive compensation have cropped up regularly in recent times and come under more intense scrutiny especially since the 2008 financial crisis.  Continue reading “Do we need to talk about executive compensation?”

Je suis…qui? Mapping global terrorism

White supremacy. Islamic extremism. Christian fundamentalism. Racial hatred. These are some of the terms that come to mind in light of the high-profile terrorist attacks unfolding across the globe. Recent attacks in France and Germany suggest that violence is on the rise and media coverage is littered with new terror attacks every week. Continue reading “Je suis…qui? Mapping global terrorism”

Brexit: Impact on Scotland

Brexit continues to ask a number of important questions about where exactly the U.K. is heading, including the significant matter of Scotland’s position within the Union. Given Theresa May’s swift leadership victory and EU reluctance to drag out negotiations longer then necessary, the Scottish government may have some big decisions to make in the short to medium term. Continue reading “Brexit: Impact on Scotland”

Chilcot Inquiry: Why did Britain go to war in Iraq?

On July 6, 2016 Sir John Chilcot published his findings into the circumstances of the U.K.’s decision to go to War in Iraq. Commissioned by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2009, the report investigates one of the most controversial decisions made by a British government in recent years. Continue reading “Chilcot Inquiry: Why did Britain go to war in Iraq?”

Brexit: Impact on Ireland

The U.K. referendum on EU membership sent shockwaves across the globe on the morning of June 24, 2016. Brexit is set to have a significant impact on the economic and political stability of the U.K., Europe and the wider world. Investors immediately sought refuge in perceived “safe haven” assets, sending German 10 year bunds to a record low of minus 0.17 per cent. Almost all of Switzerland’s yield curve (excluding the 2064 maturity bonds) was pushed into negative territory. Continue reading “Brexit: Impact on Ireland”